In opposition to every politics of identity and self-complacency God has set the cross of Jesus Christ, before which, as the prophet said, “kings shall shut their mouths” (Isa. 52:15). In Christ’s cross he “has disarmed the rules and authorities, and made a triumphant public display of them” (Col. 2:15). It is a royal cross, challenging the conditions of earthly political authority with the coming of the kingdom of God. … The sweet cross (dulce lignum) has outshone the glamor and attraction that binds us to our political leaders; it has shown their appeal to be shallow and moody, by calling out the deepest springs of our loyalty and love. In the cross God has pronounced his “Ichabod!” upon the limelight of human importance. … The cross challenges the covenant with death which the rules and authorities have made. For the inexorable rule of human tradition is that societies flourish only ont he manure of their dead members’ flesh. … But through the cross of life God has taken his place alongside the dead, our victims. he has exposed our melancholy collusion with death by revealing the resurrection of the dead, and by calling to existence a communion of the dead with the living.(Oliver O’Donovan, After Judgment pp. 231-233 selected)


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